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Advice to writers/illustrators: Take the long way. Shortcuts rarely pay off. 


Happy 20th Anniversary to the Harry Potter series!

Anyone else miss the rabid anticipation of a new Harry Potter book? I confess I sometimes feel like Moira:

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A comic for Harry Potter fans

Some days I wish I hadn't read the Harry Potter books already just so I could read them again for the first time.


Comic: Harry Potter Fan


Comic: Writer Wish


Video: Tarik and the Roots performs a Harry Potter Rap on the Jimmy Fallon Show

Tarik and The Roots performed a Harry Potter-themed rap on the Jimmy Fallon show. Love. :-)

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Comic: Writer Wish

I'm posting some of my older comics here as I catalog and tag them in prep for a print book compilation. You can find my comics for writers on Inkygirl (http://inkygirl.com), Tumblr (http://inkygirl.tumblr.com) and Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/inkyelbows/comics-for-writers-inkygirl-com)

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Children's Book Tributes at Starbucks in Toronto

Maurice Sendak tribute at Starbucks in Toronto

Saw this outside a Starbucks on Yonge Street in Toronto (just south of Eglinton). Note the small text in the lower left corner: "We'll miss you, Maurice."

Just a few weeks ago, they had this sign:


One of these days I have to go in and meet the person responsible for these very cool signs. :-)


Comic: No More Harry Potter

Anyone else feeling like this? 

I did buy the e-book versions from Pottermore, which gives me some comfort. But it's just not the same as knowing there's no new Harry Potter books to anticipate. Sigh.

I've started posting comics from my Inkygirl archives on Tumblr, by the way, as well as Pinterest.