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Comic: The Explanation

Thanks to Paul Carroll (Twitter: @writeranonymous) for the caption!


Poll results: People still love print books but many also read digital/audio books for convenience

Last week, I asked you:

"In the past year, how have you read books? Check all that apply."

424 people responded. I opted for a multiple choice rather than "which do you prefer" for this poll to cut out the need to decide on a preference, plus it gets complicated because I would need to include different categories of reading; someone may prefer picture books in print, for example, but opt for a digital version of a novel for older readers.

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Comic: Another Advantage Of Print Books


Comic: Print vs Digital


Comic: Another Advantage Of Print Books

I do most of my reading on my iPad and my Kindle; it's easier for traveling, especially since I always have multiple books on the go and angst too much about which one to take with me.

However, I still strongly prefer print when it comes to picture books.


Love print books but now packing for trips is easier. Used to spend hours choosing which books to take! 

Have a great weekend, all! I'm off to OVFF. Here's my explanation of this "filk" thing I mention sometimes, in case you're curious.


New bookish comic, with thanks to @Catelli_NQU for the caption!


Comic: Another Advantage Of Print Books


Will Write For Chocolate updated: "What The New iPhone *doesn't* have...."

In case anyone was wondering, I *have* decided to upgrade my iPhone to the iPhone 5s. I read ebooks on my iPhone as well as taking a ton of photos, so the improved graphics capability (and especially the new camera features) make it well worth it for me.

More info about Apple's new iPhones in the NYTimes today as well as (of course) on Apple's site.

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Quickie Survey Results: Have You Seen Young People Reading Ebooks?

I recently did a quickie poll on Twitter asking the following:

Q. Have you seen a young person reading a book on a digital device in the past year? (where a "young person" is teenager or younger)?

Approximately half of the respondents said yes:


Some of the comments:

"Have seen students read on phones, iPads and ereaders." - @stein_valerie

"As a teacher, I regularly us ebooks to engage reluctant readers - YA and Middle Grade. Adding a layer of technology like a tablet or ereader can give kids who don't see themselves as readers a reason to at least try to read. From there, it's up to the story to engage them and keep them reading until the end."

"My 7 year old asked for an e-reader for Christmas. An e-reader mind you, not an app or internet enabled tablet. She loves the 'magic' of getting new books instantly without leaving home. No down time between Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie, priceless."

"Yes, on books, tablets, computers and phones- not really kindled though that might be my area." - @mz_christie

"My 5 year old likes reading ebooks with dad when he is away on business, over Skype. They each have a copy of the book on an iPad and can turn pages together. But the kids don't read on their own on ebook devices (too expensive to allow unfettered access!)"

"Yes, if my own kids count and they are using my device (with books I downloaded for them.) They never ask if they can read on my Nook. I've never seen a child in the wild reading on a digital device. Playing games...yes. Reading, no."

"Hard to tell on the subway WHAT a child is doing on an iPad, but it seems to always be games. I still see kids with pbooks, though!"

"Handy for teens reading public domain works for school." - @bhalpin

Please note that results would probably differ for a general public survey. My Twitter followers are almost all readers themselves, including teachers and librarians.


You can also see other current and past surveys in the Inkygirl Survey Archives.


Survey Results: Print vs Digital Purchase?

For a list of all survey results as well as current surveys still in progress, see my Inkygirl Survey Archives.

Thanks to all those who responded to my most recent survey, which asked:

Q. When making a book purchase, do you prefer ebook or print format?

Of 129 responses, 60% said they preferred print. 25% preferred ebook/digital.

Of the remaining responses ("Other"), here are some of the comments:

Ebook to get it fast for YA, but print book for picture books, & when I really love a book I want both. - @CherylRainfield

I do both. It varies with price and format. Some picture books don't look so great on the Kindle. They look better on the iPad. - @StacySJensen

Print if I plan to share with my students. (so MG books) E if I'd like to be able to read it anywhere (love having selection on my device) E if it is MY copy of a book I'm using with a reading group (love the notes features on my device and I don't lose my notes that way) Print if I already own part of the series or it's a series I think I will loan to family or friends (it's complicated!) - @Mselke01

I prefer print for fiction or anything pictorial, but I like ebooks for quick access to information

It depends. For a quick read, ebook. For things I want to save and reread or refer to often, print. - @bexdk

It depends on the book. For most, I prefer ebook. But there are some I want a print copy for my bookshelves. Usually, they are by favorite authors or friends.

I like print for children's books, ebook for adult (pleasure) print for how to book's...

Depends on the book and the price..and where I'll be reading. For travel, I prefer e-books. For home or camping, I prefer print. - Julie Chilton

Ebook for fiction, print for non-fiction. - @crazywritinfool

Both. I can't really separate the two because I usually end up buying the book in print even if I have it on my Kindle/iPad. I can't give up my books. I also will buy books for Kindle that I already own in print simply because it is easier to take on a trip or read in bed (for example: "War & Peace"). - @InkyTwig

Both! I love having both formats for different situations. - @wickedagrarian

Depends on the book. If it's something I want straight away, ebook, if it's more of a collectable - print.

E-book for texts I'll read linearly (novels, short stories). Print for reference materials, anything with graphics, anything I expect to consult arbitrary sections of. Also print for books with more "staying power", ones I'll want to have for years and years, 'cause who knows what'll happen to digital content over time?

Depends on the format & purpose: print = illustrated books e = reference books a = audiobooks, which is the only format I consume for fun. Ebooks, unless there are many illustrations or photos. In that case, I prefer print.

It depends. If I need something right now, I'll order a Kindle version, but for a nice slow read, I'll order print. If I want something to take on the plane, I order a Kindle; if I want to read it while taking a bath, I'll order print. For study and writing in the margins I'll order print because I don't care for the annotation function in electronic devices. Even the markup function in Word is annoying even though it's industry standard. - @suelange

I only buy drm-free ebooks and so my selection is limited, but I'm quickly coming to prefer digital over print. - @limako

Depends on the book. Picture Book, Easy Reader - Print (love to look at the color illustrations and for studying page turns) MG, YA Fiction - Ebook (convenience of being able to take it anywhere easily) - @darshanakhiani

Digital for novels, print for picture books.

Whichever is cheapest, naturally! (which at the moment is nearly ALWAYS print) - @readitdaddy


Next survey: Book Trailers - Do They Work? (3 multiple choice questions + optional comments)

Do you have a suggestion for a future survey question? Please let me know!