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My biggest piece of creativity advice for aspiring writers & illustrators (all ages): make time to PLAY.


You can find stories EVERYWHERE. Yes, even in a coffee stain!

As some of you may have seen in my Instagram story yesterday, I was creating some more coffee stains for doodling. Jeff (my husband) was about to reject some coffee grounds since he had accidentally set our coffee grinder for the wrong setting; I asked if I could have them. And I used them to create some super-strong coffee in a French press, then dropped the coffee onto some mixed media art paper with a spoon:

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Found object doodle inspired by all the snow in Toronto right now

Perfect weather for cocooning instead.


seeing ROGUE ONE this afternoon, WOOHOOOOO! No spoilers, please!!! 


On rejections: No matter how discouraged you get, remember: always try one more time. - Billy Coffey 


No matter how discouraged you get, remember - always try one more time.

- Billy Coffey


Be aware when research & prep becomes a crutch. At some point, you need to jump in & WRITE.

Be aware when research & prep becomes a crutch. At some point, you need to jump in & WRITE.

I love creating found object doodles and post them on Instagram"Found Object Art" gallery on Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr  and in my Found Object Art portfolio.


Free, print-ready poster: "Reading Lets Your Imagination Soar"

Added to my For The Love Of Reading resource for teachers, librarians, booksellers and young readers: a free, print-ready "Reading Lets Your Imagination Soar" poster. For all my free, print-ready material, please see Debbie's Print-Ready Archive.

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Creativity, art, and drawing with garden vegetables (thank you, Lily and Rina!)

As some of you already know, I've been having fun drawing with found objects during the past year:

Then just recently, I posted a video of how I created a tomato doodle:

Thanks to middle grade author Rina Heisel for tweeting this, which made my day: