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Art Video: My Morning Coffee Doodle

I'm teaching myself Adobe Premiere Pro and used this short video as an exercise.

How I created it:

I shot the video on my iPhone with the Hyperlapse app. To hold the iPhone above my desk, I use this flexible iPhone stand with clip, which I found on Amazon a few years ago. Doesn't look as if it's available anymore, but there are MANY similar stands available.

I imported the video into Adobe Premiere Pro. Main purpose of this exercise was to figure out how to convert the portrait size video from Hyperlapse into a square format. This was more complicated than I expected, and involved creating a new sequence with the right aspect ratio, scaling up the video size (I may opt for a non-Hyperlapse process next time), figuring out how to export.

If there is enough interest (especially from you illustrators out there) and I can find some time (HA), I will put together a blog post with more details.

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