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Nerds, Books, Education & Literacy: nErDcamp recap posts #nerdcampmi

I had a fabulous time at nErDcamp. What a wonderful community! As author Ruth Spiro said, sometimes making a new friend is like meeting an old friend. Like many other authors attending, I am paying my own way.

With nerdy pals Jason Lewis, Lesley Burnap and Melissa Guerrette.Thank you SO much to Colby and Alaina Sharp and the rest of the Nerdy team for all their hard work, as well as Nerdcamp sponsors. I'm especially grateful to Suzanne Stuart Gibbs, who helped me get the Mitzi Tulane keepsakes organized for the Nerdy Dinner, and Leah Calloway Whitford and her son Jack for their help with my Nerd Camp Jr sessions. I also so appreciate the car rides between the airport, hotel, Nerd Camp and other venues: fervent thanks to Lesley Burnap, Jess Keating and her husband Justin (aka "The Nerdy Photographer") and Ruth Spiro.

With Melanie Golding, Amy Ralph, Jess Keating and Ruth Spiro.

I've posted my 2016 nErDcamp photos on Facebook, and you can also browse the official Nerd Camp photos from Justin, the Nerdy Photographer (a.k.a. "Mr. Jess Keating").

Photo: Justin the Nerdy Photographer.

If you're not already, do follow The Nerdy Book Club blog as well as well their Facebook page and Twitter acct for year-round inspiring posts about kidlit/YA. For info about nErDcamp, see this page as their FB page and Twitter account. A note to those who have been admiring the nErDcamp logo: the artist is Laurie Keller, a wonderful Michigan author-illustrator.

In celebration of the launch of MITZI TULANE PRESCHOOL DETECTIVE in WHAT'S THAT SMELL? (author: Lauren McLaughlin, published by Random House Children) during nErDcamp and in thanks for all nErDcamp does, I hand-painted 500 keepsakes for those who attended the Nerdy Dinner:

People seemed to like them, yay!

I've been collecting nErDcamp 2016 blog posts and recaps, am listing them below. If you see any that I'm missing, please let me know and I'll add them! 


(Last updated June 24, 2017)

Patrick Andrus - Wonder Wednesday - My FIRST NerdCamp

Kelly Barnhill - In Which I Take A Hiatus From The Hiatus In Order To Talk About Nerd Camp

Jenn Bishop - Getting nerdy in Michigan

Crystal Brunelle - #nErDCampMI 2016

Kathy Burnette - NerdCampMI - Recap

Victoria J. Coe - ILA & nErD Camp 2016!

Melanie Conklin - A nERdcampMI Wrap-up!

Ann DiBella - A Weird and Perfect Tribe

Melissa Guerrette - Five Things I'm Celebrating About nErDcampMI

Jillian Heise - Summer Tour 2016 Highlights

Teri Lesesne - Mind, Spirit, Heart

Margie Myers-Culver - For The Very First Time - Reflections On NerdCampMI 2016

Amy and Sarah Ralph: Two Nerdy Sisters Go To Michigan: Our Nerd Camp Journey, Part 1 and Part 2

Melanie Roy - #nErDcampMI Day 1 July 2016 

Katherine Sokolowski - NerdCampMI 2016

Jen Vincent - JOIN: nErDcamp Michigan 2016 (*** NEW ***)


Publishers Weekly: Nerdcamp 2016 In Photos

mLive.com: 'nErDcamp' Spreads Love Of Reading Among Teachers, Kids


The handmade "nerd" charm in the photo above now hangs above my desk (thanks to Alaina Sharp!), where it will help inspire me throughout the year and remind me of the magic that was nErDCAMP 2016.



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I couldn't agree more with all of the wonderful things people have said about nErDCampMI. I went last year for the first time. I'm lucky enough to work in a district with the interest and resources to pay for my trip from Cali to MI. I still haven't stopped talking about it and I'm bringing a couple of friends with me this time. The tribe. Hundreds of teachers who are nerdy about what I'm nerdy about...such an amazing feeling. I made connections and friendships. Those connections and new people to follow on twitter push me to up my game throughout the year. I'm going back this time with the intent to launch a nerdcamp closer to my home to encourage a local nerdy community to grow and thrive. The only reason I didn't already is that launching a PD day is way outside my comfort zone. nErDCampMI didn't make me a better teacher, but it connected me with folks who deliver 140 character links to nurture the great teacher I'm trying to be. I've been able to define more clearly why engagement is worth interveneing for and how to help my school community show how and why we value reading. I am so grateful to the cadre of folks who make this happen. The world is a better place because of them. And my keepsake hangs by my desk to remind me daily of the tribe out there helping more kids love reading.

June 24, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJacqui Cebrian

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