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Thanks to 14-year-old Caitlan for being my 26,000th follower on Twitter

Thanks so much to Caitlan Washington (@CreatorWashingt) for being the 26,000th person to follow my @inkyelbows account.

With permission of Caitlan's parents, here's more about this young UK writer...

Caitlan says she's just "an ordinary 14-year-old girl from Leeds with a passion for performing."

From Caitlan:

"I've always been a fan of reading and creating stories for lessons in primary school and going into high school. About 5 months back, I started writing a book about a girl who owned mysterious dolls but I forgot about it until recently. It was until then I decided to make plans for a different style book and plan to stick to it, so I started Peek-A-Boo Clown. I adore performing and giving monologues out as work in class and I find it so interesting. I'm off into year 10 when I go back to school and I've been accepted into performing arts Btec and hopefully that will help my confidence."

Q. What kinds of books do you like reading?

"I love mystery and thriller books with cliffhangers at the end, making you want to read more."

Q. What were the last three books that you read?

Ann Cassidy - Looking For JJ

Yukiru Sugisaki - DN Angel

J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Q. What were your favourite children's books when you were little?

The Magic Key and Winnie the Witch.

Q. Do you find that your passion for performing helps you when writing stories?

It helps so much being much more confident to be much more creative.


From Debbie: Thanks Caitlan, and good luck with your writing and performing!


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